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Why Sparklefarts visits the Podium Club

It is easy to see why Flying Lizard Racing’s pink unicorn livery makes it the most popular car in IMSA's Laborghini Super Trofeo North America racing series.  

Of course there is a story behind the wild and colorful graphics. Team driver (and Podium Club member) Slade Stewart involves his children in each season’s car look and design. Last year his then 10-year-old daughter wanted the Lamborghini to wear a hot pink paint job with a cartoon unicorn. Slade loved it, named the car ‘Sparklefarts,’ and it is now a worldwide fan favorite.

Last week, Slade and a Sparklefarts Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo EVO2 visited the Podium Club to do a little pre-season testing. The team's season does not start until March, but the team is already looking for hundredths, even thousandths, in their quest for a championship next year.

Flying Lizard -managed programs have accumulated 24 team and driver championship titles in 19 race seasons. 2024 will mark the start of the team’s 20th year of competition, and their first operating out of a new shop in Arizona.

Occasionally, the 2.32-mile Podium Club race track has the privilege of seeing Sparklefarts and other IMSA cars run hot laps on its SCCA-sanctioned circuit specifically designed to meet both FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) and FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme) standards at buildout.

The Podium Club circuit is the safest and most challenging in both Arizona and the entire Southwest. It also boasts a generous 120 dB sound limit at the property line and is permanently zoned for 24/7/365 operations.

Designed by Rose Design of Arizona and engineered by Apex Circuit Design, United Kingdom, the track features generous runoff areas with large gravel traps, a unique series of esses, challenging elevation changes and a high-speed front straight. The bidirectional, multi-configurable track utilizes energy-absorbing hydro barriers and other protection systems instead of exposed metal guardrails for maximum driver and motocycle rider protection.

The Podium Club loves it when Sparklefarts shows up at the track. And we look forward to seeing Slade and all the Flying Lizard Motorsports teams win more championships in 2024, now proudly representing the Grand Canyon State.

If there’s any way we can help in those efforts, we’re available, ready, and enthusiastic.

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