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We strive to create a welcoming and enjoyable environment for everyone!

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WRISTBANDS & WAIVERS: All who enter the Podium Club property must sign the tracks waiver of liability and receive a wristband proving they have read and signed the wavier. Children under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian present to sign the waiver. Refusal to sign the waiver will result in denial of entry to the property

EMERGENCY: In case of emergency please call 911 or inform Staff who are in direct contact with on-site medical personnel and county emergency services.

SPEED LIMITS: All access roads have a speed limit of 15 mph, the paddock area has a speed limit of 5 mph. Absolutely no testing, cooldown running or brake bedding is permitted on access roads or in the paddock.

PIT VEHICLES: Any motorized two wheeled vehicle that is used on the  property requires the rider(s) to wear a helmet at all times.

SPECTATING: Spectators must remain within designated areas at all times, DO NOT go beyond barriers or stand on any barriers to gain a better view.

FIRE LANES: Marked fire lanes must remain clear at all times for emergency access.

PERSONAL PROPERTY: The Podium Club assumes no responsibility for damage, theft, and loss of personal property. Please respect the property of others.

CHILDREN: Children under 18 years of age are to be supervised by a parent, guardian or responsible adult at all times.

ALCOHOL: Alcohol including beer and wine will be served at designated areas on property. Outside alcohol is prohibited. Persons who are participating in on-track activities MAY NOT CONSUME ALCHOL. The  Podium Club reserves the right to check ID's to verify legal drinking age.

DRUGS: No marijuana or other drugs are allowed on the property, No exceptions. 

FIREARMS & WEAPONS: Weapons of any kind, including but not limited to guns, knives, and pepper spray, are prohibited.

GARBAGE REMOVAL: All guests are responsible for collecting all trash they create,  and removing or disposing of it in the trash cans located throughout the property.

CAMPFIRES: Camp fires are prohibited anywhere on the facility. 

ANIMALS: All animals MUST be on a leash when on the property. Guests are responsible for picking up and cleaning after their pets. Aggressive, threatening behavior or excessive barking will not be tolerated. For the safety of guests, you may be asked to cage or remove you animal from the property. Animals are not permitted in any of the buildings. Please do not leave pets in unattended vehicles. Dog shoes are strongly suggested if you’re bringing your pet on a sunny day.

NOISE: Please be respectful of our local neighbors when entering and leaving the property.

DRONES: Drones or other flying devices are prohibited on the property unless you have written permission from the Podium Club staff. Violation of this policy will result in eviction from the property.  

SMOKING and VAPING: Smoking is not permitted in seating/viewing areas on property which includes e-cigarettes and vaping. Smoking is permitted if you are 25 feet from a building or 50 feet from a fuel source. 

PROFANITY: Profanity or vulgar actions will not be tolerated. Offenders may be asked to leave the property.

DAMAGE TO PROPERTY: All participants, spectators, and guests of the Podium Club are fully responsible for any property damaged as a result of their actions.

SURFACE INTEGRITY: Use of paint, spray marking, pounding of stakes or making holes in any paved surface is prohibited. Wood or other suitable materials must be used on all paved surface under all trailer jacks and stands. Offenders will be held liable for damage to any paved surface.

LOST CHILDREN: If you believe your child to be lost during an event, contact the nearest staff member who can direct you to the Main Office. All lost children will be taken to the Main Office for safety. For safety reasons, we are unable to make venue-wide announcements for lost children or guests.

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