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The Podium Club’s 2.32-mile, 15-turn road racing circuit provides the ideal environment for a wide range of automobile and motorcycle activities, making it a perfect choice for race team testing, driver and rider training, as well as OEM and aftermarket testing and research & development initiatives. Moreover, it serves as an exceptional venue for new product introductions, internal promotions, and captivating film and video production projects.

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Get ready for the ultimate adrenaline rush

A track day at the Podium Club offers you the ideal opportunity to refine your
vehicle control skills safely and efficiently, and free from the constraints of

public streets, roads, and freeways.

No speed limits, no law enforcement, and definitely no minivans.

The Podium Club is proud to collaborate with multiple track day organizations
to deliver some of the most exhilarating seat time opportunities possible on
our 2.32-mile road course. Our partners share the goal of offering an
unparalleled track day event experience that will satisfy your passions in a

secure, safety-first, and non-competitive environment.

"Great club owned by one of our own local racers. Track is very fun and safe, with friendly staff. Even at its early stages of construction it’s exceeded my expectations, and still has so much more coming in the future."
Phoenix Autosports Experience
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