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Race Team Testing


Whatever your motorsport needs, our track is here to meet them

The Podium Club track is the ideal location for a wide range of individual and commercial needs. From race team testing, internal promotions and new vehicle introductions to movie and video production, we provide an unmatched setting for work and play.

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The perfect destination for race team and manufacturer  testing, "Ride and Drive" programs, and media production

The Podium Club boasts a freshly laid asphalt surface that is as smooth as a billiard table, providing a consistent and exceptional driving and riding experience across the entire track. The design of the track incorporates rolling elevation changes and a variety of corner combinations, drawing inspiration from several renowned professional circuits in North America. This thoughtful layout ensures that drivers and riders of all skill levels will encounter exciting challenges, making it a paradise for motorsport enthusiasts.

Surrounded by picturesque mountain ranges, our track offers a quintessential southwestern backdrop, making it the perfect location for filming commercials, industry TV shows, and movie productions. Whether it's showcasing high-performance vehicles or capturing the adrenaline-fueled action of motorsport, The Podium Club provides the ultimate setting for creating captivating visual content.

Strategically located between Phoenix and Tucson in Central Arizona, The Podium Club becomes the ideal destination for both manufacturer testing and engaging consumer "Ride and Drive" programs. The track's versatile layout allows manufacturers to put their vehicles to the test in a controlled yet challenging environment, while consumers can experience the thrill of driving on a professional-grade racing circuit.

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