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The performance pathway to the exciting world of motorsports

Offering comprehensive 1-Day and 2-Day road racing classes, the Podium Club Racing Academy is designed to accommodate individuals with varying skill levels – from beginners seeking an introduction to the sport to intermediate and advanced drivers looking to refine their expertise. This academy is not just about mastering the mechanics of driving; it is a transformative experience where participants learn the art of harmonizing with their vehicles.


Through expert guidance and hands-on experience, students discover how to extract the utmost performance from both themselves and any vehicle they drive. The Academy challenges drivers in every track session, creating an environment that tests their mental acuity and physical capabilities behind the wheel.
We encourage students to push their mental focus and physical capabilities to the limit, in turn advancing their driving skills and track knowledge. As participants embrace the challenges presented, they emerge not just as skilled drivers but as individuals who have unlocked the full potential of their connection with the thrilling world of motorsports. 

Winning Method

No matter the class, Podium Club Racing Academy students learn the fundamentals of vehicle dynamics, site lines, situational awareness, car communication, and balance, preparing the student for any situation they may experience on track. 

The Academy spends time focusing on the driving techniques and proven methods used by the pros who know how to win. Students learn how to execute these techniques smoothly, consistently, and confidently, through repetition and practice, during the various classroom sessions, instructor "ride & drives," lead & follow exercises, and finally, open track sessions. 

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“The Podium Club Racing Academy not only imparts technical knowledge but also instills a mindset of continuous improvement.”

For drivers that are serious about getting into wheel-to-wheel racing, the Academy offers the 2-Day SCCA Advanced Class, where upon graduation, students will receive their SCCA Novice Permit with one SCCA race event credit.


This SCCA Novice Permit allows the student to race in regional SCCA races, and after competing in two additional race events, students can then apply for their SCCA National Full Competition License. 

All Academy classes feature a 2:1 student to instructor ratio, ensuring students get the best training and track seat time possible. 

Advanced Class

"I without question recommend it to anyone who wants to develop their driving, a must for those wanting to improve their skills, knowledge and overall race craft!"

Private Coaching

The Podium Club Racing Academy also offers private one-on-one coaching for drivers and racers looking to improve their on track and race performances.
Custom tailored to your needs,  private coaching will identify your strengths, along with areas of weakness, and fine-tune the driving techniques needed to accelerate your track performance through consistency and precision.


Half-day, One, and Two-day private coaching programs are available. Get a jump on your competition for the 2024 race season and sign-up today. 

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Have questions about the Podium Club Racing Academy courses or special requests? Just fill out the form and we'll do our best to quickly provide you with the information you're looking for.  Or call Tim at 602-707-7222 during office hours.

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