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RUSH Introduces Trident Roll Bar for Sports Racer

RUSH Auto Works has announced a new, halo-type cockpit protection option for its fast, fun, and affordable sports racer.  Designed to shield the driver's head from flying debris and impacts during crashes, the Trident Roll Bar is now available as both a new vehicle add-on or a retrofit kit.

The journey towards the implementation of the halo system began with a few tragic open-wheel racing incidents that shook the racing community to its core. 

In 2009, Ferrari driver Felipe Massa was struck on the helmet by a loose spring during qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix, leaving him with a fractured skull. While Massa eventually recovered, the incident served as a wake-up call for the need to prioritize driver safety.

The motorsports world was further devastated by the loss of IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon in 2011, when his car struck a catch fence cockpit-first, with his head having no protection when it hit one of the fence’s poles.

F1 driver Jules Bianchi drove into and under an emergency vehicle at the Japanese Grand Prix in 2014, suffering severe head injuries that eventually proved fatal.  Less than a year later, IndyCar driver Justin Wilson was killed when his head was struck by debris from another car during a race at Pocono.

In response to these incidents, racing organizations and manufacturers embarked on a mission to develop a solution that could mitigate the risks associated with head injuries. The result was the halo system, which was introduced to provide an additional layer of protection for drivers.

The F1 halo was first used in 2018 amid speculation that it would impact visibility and may not even improve safety. Over the last 5 years those worries have been proven untrue. The F1 halo has saved lives during this time, just as the halo-inspired aeroscreen has protected IndyCar drivers since 2020. 

F1 has always been a breeding ground for technology and safety enhancements, and we have seen that it has caused evolution in all areas of the automotive world. The world of sport racers is no different. 

But a sports racer is a very different structure from a formula car. The driver sits higher requiring a higher roll structure which brings in challenges for the design of a similar system. RUSH’s new Trident Roll Bar, developed through rigorous development and testing, addresses those challenges toward providing significantly increased driver protection.

The teardrop-shaped frontal bar provides over 4 times the bending strength of a simple round bar.  It is angled backward to deflect objects or vehicles upward, away from the driver.

Lateral side bars provide additional protection for large objects entering the side space between the chassis and the top bar.  The opening between the chassis and the top bar is optimized to allow egress, even in the event a car is sitting upside down after a roll over.

RUSH SRs can race in SCCA & NASA national events, regional races like those put on by ProAutoSports in the Southwest, or in one of six RUSH-sponsored championship series in the Southeast, Texas, Western Canada, and Mexico.

The RUSH SR represents the fastest-growing spec-class series in America for many reasons, including performance (145 hp, 0-60 in 3.3 seconds, 150 mph top speed), value ($39,875, low maintenance, easy to work on), and now, thanks to the new Trident Roll Bar, best-in-class safety.

To learn more about the RUSH SR, or to schedule a test drive at the Podium Club, Arizona’s exclusive RUSH Auto Works dealer, call 602-707-7077, or send an email to

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