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Jens Plougmann
Hammerhead Racing, Inc.

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Jens Ploughman, originally from Denmark and raised in South Africa, relocated to the United States in the early 1980s. Disheartened by the injuries sustained from motorcycle racing, he shifted his focus to open-wheel racing. In 1990, Jens started building Formula Ford cars, selling a few that required arrive-and-drive support and by 1992, understanding the importance of a team effort, he founded Hammerhead Racing.

Hammerhead Racing expanded into a Pro Atlantic team, competing internationally in FA before returning to club racing, which proved to be more manageable. During the 2004/2005 season, Jens launched the DOT eFormulaFord series with ProAutoSports, offering an affordable, enjoyable, and challenging open-wheel series based on the reliable and experienced Formula Ford.

Hammerhead Racing supports all classes of Formula Car and Sports Racers, assisting racers locally and organizing trips to iconic tracks across the USA. The team also occasionally loads up their semi-trailer with Formula Fords to support the F1 race at Ile de Notre-Dame in Montreal.

How did your career in motorsport start?

I  started racing motorcycles in South Africa, racing on a 50cc and never looked back. It has been a downward spiral since my first ride at age 8 on a Lambretta scooter.

What was the first race you ever attended or participated in?
The first race I ever participated in was the event at Firebird’s East Track with Pro Auto Sports, driving my Pontiac Solstice Coupe GXP. That experience ignited my passion for motorsport.

Looking back to when you started in motorsport, where did you see this journey originally taking you?

I had a dream of owning a race shop, however, the more I got involved in racing the more I realized that racers don’t have any money, they have race cars! Hahaha.  No, it was to basically satiate the desire to run motorcycles at the limit, which is seriously unhealthy on public roads. I always wanted to be an engineer, that is the avenue I pursued.

What would you say is your greatest motorsport achievement to date?

Starting the eFormulaFord Series and watching it grow. Sharing something like this has truly been a blessing.

What motivates you?

Living in a country where you yourself are the only limiting factor.

If you could participate in any motorsport event, what would it be?

That’s easy, The Isle of Man TT In a sidecar. They don’t take old people so it will have to remain a dream.

Are there any race tracks on your bucket list that you have not driven yet?
Barber Motorsports Park – 2025 is the year.

How has being a member of the Podium Club community influenced your motorsport journey?

It’s Mega! The Podium Club is safe and fast, I purchased a track day motorcycle! 

In the near future I plan to locate Hammerhead Racing to the facility to support the open wheel, Rush SR and sports racer owners. The riders and drivers that I have met at Podium Club are a cool group of people and being able to assist the owners of these cars to enjoy them at such a terrific venue will be great. Hopefully some of the riders will be kind enough to give me some pointers on the bike as it has been years.


What is your favorite and least favorite corner at the Podium Club and why?

Favourite – CW Turn 1 and 7, you need to suck it up. Least – CW Turn 4., I keep scrubbing off too much speed!

If you had one day off to do anything in the world – but you could not race or be on the track – what would you do?

OK, ok, only one day though!. Ride the White Rim Road near Moab, UT.

If you could give the younger version of yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

Move to America sooner, this is the land of milk and honey.

What advice would you give to someone new to motorsport?

Seat time, seat time, seat time.

Now you know about JDP Racing, next time you're at the track look out for Jason and the guys!

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