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JDP Racing began in the corner of a diesel shop, where they built their first C7 Corvette race car. Several years later, they have expanded to three locations: Mesa, Casa Grande, and Wilcox, AZ. Specializing in Corvette racing, they have constructed 13 NASA and SCCA race-legal C7 Corvettes. JDP Racing offers new and used parts and tires at all their locations, as well as track support, coaching, race fuel, race tires, and race cars. Their new Casa Grande location specializes in car setup, alignments, corner balancing, and suspension setup. With a professional staff boasting track records and championships, JDP Racing is the go-to shop for those looking to improve their speed and performance.

How did your career in motorsport start?
My career in motorsport began after years of running diesel repair shops. As my daughter went off to college, I found myself with more time and a budding interest in sports cars. I started with a Pontiac Solstice Coupe GXP, and my first event was at Firebird’s East Track with Pro Auto Sports. The thrill of the track and the complete break from business was exhilarating, and I was instantly hooked.

What was the first race you ever attended or participated in?
The first race I ever participated in was the event at Firebird’s East Track with Pro Auto Sports, driving my Pontiac Solstice Coupe GXP. That experience ignited my passion for motorsport.

Looking back to when you started in motorsport, where did you see this journey originally taking you?
When I first started in motorsport, I saw it as a hobby and a way to unwind from the demands of
running a business. I never imagined it would lead to creating a dedicated race team and a thriving
business like JDP Racing.

What would you say is your greatest motorsport achievement to date?
My greatest motorsport achievement to date is building JDP Racing from the ground up and successfully selling 13 race cars. Seeing our cars perform reliably and competitively, and having a loyal customer base who appreciates our trackside support, has been immensely rewarding.

What motivates you?
What motivates me is the relentless pursuit of improvement and the thrill of competition. The journey of transforming a car, honing my driving skills, and seeing tangible results on the track is incredibly fulfilling. The camaraderie and shared passion within the motorsports community also drive me to keep 
pushing forward.

If you could participate in any motorsport event, what would it be?
If I could participate in any motorsport event, it would be the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The prestige, history, and sheer challenge of this endurance race make it the ultimate dream for any racing enthusiast.

Are there any race tracks on your bucket list that you have not driven yet?
Yes, there are several tracks on my bucket list, including the Nürburgring Nordschleife in Germany and Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. The challenge and history of these tracks make them must- visit destinations for any racer.

How has being a member of the Podium Club community influenced your motorsport journey?
Being a member of the Podium Club has been incredibly influential. The supportive community of like- minded racers, the high-quality facilities, and the shared knowledge have all helped me grow as a driver and a team owner. The camaraderie and encouragement from fellow members have been invaluable.


What is your favorite and least favorite corner at the Podium Club and why?
My favorite corner at the Podium Club is the fast, sweeping right-hander. It’s exhilarating and requires precision and confidence. My least favorite corner is the tight left-hander after the back straight—it’s tricky and can be unforgiving if you don’t get it just right.

If you had one day off to do anything in the world – but you could not race or be on the track – what would you do?
If I had one day off to do anything in the world, I would spend it at sea. There's something incredibly peaceful and rejuvenating about being on the water, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

If you could give the younger version of yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?
I would tell my younger self to follow your passion sooner and not to be afraid of taking risks. The joy and fulfillment I’ve found in motorsports could have been a part of my life earlier if I had trusted my instincts and pursued my interests without hesitation.

What advice would you give to someone new to motorsport?
My advice to someone new to motorsport is to start with a solid foundation in safety and invest in good coaching. Surround yourself with experienced racers, learn as much as you can, and don’t rush the process. Motorsport is as much about patience and learning as it is about speed.

Now you know about JDP Racing, next time you're at the track look out for Jason and the guys!

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