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The Podium Club Academy

The fast lane to the exciting world of motorsports

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McLaren Race Car

High performance driving

Providing immersive 1- and 2-Day GT Road Racing programs, the Podium Club Racing  Academy is the ultimate destination for students aiming to maximize both personal potential and their mastery of any vehicle they operate or compete with, achieved through a deep connection with the vehicle.

Driving School Car

Beginning with the 1-Day GT Road Racing class, this is the perfect program for the automotive
enthusiast or racing fan who is new to HPD (high performance driving). In this class students learn the HPD fundamentals of vehicle dynamics, awareness, and car communication, preparing the student for any situation they may experience on the road or track.

The 2-Day GT Road Racing class picks up the pace and spends more time focusing on the driving techniques used by the pros. Students learn how to execute these techniques and skillsets smoothly, consistently, and confidently, through repetition and practice during the various classroom sessions, track exercises, lead and follow track sessions, instructor ride and drives, and finally, open track sessions.

Time to race

For students that are serious about getting into racing and taking their skills to the next level,
Podium Club Racing Academy offers the 2-Day Advanced SCCA Drivers School class, where upon graduation, students will receive their SCCA Novice Permit with 1 SCCA race event credit. This SCCA Novice Permit allows the student to race in regional SCCA races, and after competing in two additional race events, students can then apply for their SCCA National Full Competition

All classes feature a 2:1 student to instructor ratio, ensuring that students get the best instruction and on track seat time possible.

The Podium Club Racing Academy also offers private one-on-one coaching for both new racers and current, veteran drivers interested in elevating their game. Academy instructors will gauge students on their existing skills and capabilities and provide the tools needed to achieve maximum results.


Superbike School

Our motorcycle coaching curriculum builds upon two overarching principles: How the best riders in the world ride, and how modern motorcycles are designed to be ridden. We aim to shortcut your learning curve, make new riders excellent, make veteran riders even better, and we do this by limiting class size and focusing on each student’s needs.


Whether you are early in your street riding career or headed for MotoAmerica national racing, the Podium Club Superbike School  is laser-focused on your riding improvement. 

Superbike Racer

Our coaching staff works under a single rule: Each student gets what they need. Plain and simple. Customer satisfaction and safety tie for our first, second and third priority. We hope you join us to revolutionize your riding. You won’t be disappointed.

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