In 2015 the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) proposed a rule that would make it illegal to modify any vehicle, in any way, that would affect the vehicle manufacturer’s COC (Certificate of Conformity) of certified emissions.

The rule was withdrawn but the EPA continues to assert that vehicles modified for competition are still subject to Clear Air Act enforcement.  Unless there is an actual law that protects Americans’ right to modify street cars and motorcycles into dedicated track vehicles, our sport and our passion will always be at risk.

(Much like if you join a motor racing club that operates on a temporary permit, instead of benefitting from permanent zoning, your investment will always be at risk.)

The proposed, bi-partisan bill is called the Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports Act. It protects American’s right to modify street vehicles toward turning them into race cars and race bikes.  It also protects the automotive aftermarket industry’s right to sell the parts and accessories necessary to racers.

The RPM Act is cosponsored by 141 members of the U.S. House of Representatives and ensures that turning street cars and motorcycles into vehicles used for competition exclusively does not violate the Clean Air Act.

Like any act of Congress, it will need your help to get passed.

The retail racing products industry is approaching $2 billion per year, serving about 1,300 tracks that host oval, road course and off-road racing.  The great majority of the cars, trucks and motorcycles  that race are converted street vehicles that the EPA now considers to be illegal.

So we’d like you to click this link to go to the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) website to do two things.  First, read the text to get a better understanding of how critical your voice is in this matter; and then, click on the tab to find out how you can contact your representatives and let them know how you feel.


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