Drivers, Start Your Engines.

Welcome to Arizona’s finest, safest, and most fun and challenging race track. This is the circuit pro and amateur races have been waiting for. The location is perfect. So is the price.

  • $9500 one-time fee, $300/month
  • Permanently zoned for racing
  • Motorcycle friendly
  • Designed to meet FIA/FIM safety specs
  • Leased garage units on site
  • 120 dB sound allowance

Here is how the Podium Club compares with other tracks in Arizona:

Podium Club Apex Motor Club Inde Motorsports Ranch
Initiation Fee $7,500 $30,000* $45,000*
Annual Dues $3,600** $5,000* $5,000*
Days on Track 200 per year 200 per year Unlimited
Night Driving/Riding Yes No No
Sanctioned Car/Bike Racing Yes No, members only Yes
Drive time to Tucson Airport 1 hr, 10 min. 1 hr, 48 min. 1 hr, 23 min.
Drive time to Phoenix Airport 51 min. 47 min. 3 hrs.
Noise Limit 120 dB Not to exceed city ordinance Unknown / Not published
Zoned for Purpose Yes, permanent 24/7 No, temporary permit No, temporary permit
* Information provided from public materials
**at $300 per month

Do you think the Podium Club is a place you’d like to race or practice? Then give us your name and some contact info. We’ll be in touch within 48 business hours.

Wait. Before you click submit, here are a few more Podium Club features worth mentioning:

  • Just south of Phoenix via Interstate 10 to I-8
  • Timing & scoring building with meeting space
  • 2.3-mile configurable track, runs in both directions
  • Fuel station, services, food & beverage
  • High performance driving instruction

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The Podium Club at Attesa is where your favorite cars, bikes and skills come together to satisfy your need for speed. Please join us!


+ $12,000

initiation fee

$600 /month

  • Inc. spouse or child


+ $8000

initiation fee

$400 /month

  • 200 track days per year


+ $40,000

initiation fee

$2000 /month

  • Inc. five memberships

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