There’s been a lot of car company saber-rattling lately, about the inevitable demise of cars powered by internal combustion engines.  Countries and states are already passing laws to prevent the sale of fossil fuel burning vehicles, some that will take effect as early as 2025.

This kind of news is giving anxiety attacks to enthusiasts who love the sounds and smells of race cars that move because of four, six, eight or 12 little cylinder explosions, all perfectly timed, that push pistons up and down to create power and motion.

The mechanical actions create noise, and the combustions make exhaust gasses.

Exhaust gasses are bad.  It turns out that too much CO, CO2, SO2, NOx, N20, VOCs and HCs are detrimental to the health of the planet and everything on it.

But we have no fear of the future and neither should you. We are looking forward to all the testing and development EV manufacturers will do at our facilities. And two things to keep in mind:

First, there will always be racing.  Minus the noises and fragrances, electric cars allow drivers to find their limits, and beat the clock or competition, the same way Porsche Caymans, Mustangs and your favorite Ferraris, BMWs and Corvettes do.

You might recall the Chicken Littles acting like the sky was falling when FWD vehicles became de rigueur. That was almost 40 years ago.  And much ado about nothing.

Second, it will be decades before there are more EVs on the road than ICE-powered cars.  Today, there are about 1.4 billion cars, trucks and vans driving around, most (97.8%) powered by gas or diesel.  The infrastructure of fuel stations, service centers, aftermarket manufacturers and parts providers will not transform quickly.

So quit worrying.  And take heart in the fact that some car companies are working hard to create fuels that do not result in the release of environmentally damaging exhaust gases. Make yourself aware of the RPM Act and how SEMA and others are fighting hard to protect motorsports in America.

And finally, consider that the slow but assured influx of electric cars (and bikes!) means more classes for local and national sanctioning bodies.  It means more custom vehicles and powertrain swaps and an all-new arena for performance improvements. It will create a new universe of shade tree hot rudders who will try and make what they own faster, quicker, or somehow better.

Nothing wrong with that.  We’re all in.


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