The Podium Club at Attesa is always looking for dedicated personnel to join our team!  We want friendly and personable professionals, ideally with previous private golf club or driving club experience, who can pass a drug test and criminal background check. You must have a valid, state-issued driver’s license and be legally authorized to work in the United States.

Certifications, higher education, and bilingual skills are a plus, but most important will be the soft skills that require no talent; like being on time, having a good work ethic, bringing effort and energy to everything you do. And being prepared for the unexpected, being coachable, being aware of body language (both yours and the body language of who you are dealing with), and especially attitude.

We’re looking for people who want careers, not just jobs, with a company that understands and shares your passion for motorcycles, automobiles, and motorsports.

If interested, please take a few minutes to view all our current job openings at the Podium Club. Then, email your resume to 

Facilities/Maintenance Associate

Backup support toward making sure all equipment is operable and in good working order and responsible for general maintenance and repairs at the facility.  Must be good with people and understand the importance of service as they will have constant interaction with customers.  

Grid/Communications Associate

Responsible for checking member safety prior to track entry, releasing vehicles onto the track, manage on-track flagging/lighting systems, and set daily track schedules for members.

Safety/Emergency Medical Services

Responsible for maintaining the medical center at the track and offering first aid, if necessary, to anyone injured or ill at the club. EMT certification a plus.  Must be good with people and understand the importance of service as they will have constant interaction with customers.  

Member Services/New Signups

Responsible for concierge services for members while assisting prospects with signing up for club memberships and garage leases.  

Real Estate/Garage Specialist

Responsible for handling the leasing of garages and build to suit structures at Podium Club.  This person will also be expected to learn about the various real estate opportunities at both Podium Club and Attesa.  Real Estate license is not required but the understanding of how real estate transactions operate is necessary.  

Marketing/Online and Traditional

Responsible for marketing the Podium Club via social media and traditional (print, radio, video) media, establishing relationships with local racing organizations and car clubs toward selling track time, memberships, and garage leases.  

Lead Driving Instructor

Responsible for providing members, guests, and others with professional driving instruction. Successful racing experience a plus but the ability to teach is most important.  

Associate Driving Instructor

This person will work with the lead driving instructor to create a curriculum for members, guests, and special events.  They will also be utilized as an instructor for both members and guests.  

Business Development/Sponsorship Sales

Responsible for identifying, soliciting, and closing track and event sponsorships, strategic partnerships with manufacturers, and aftermarket suppliers. Interviews will begin immediately.

Special Events Coordinator

Responsible for handling catering, registration, housing, and general event planning.  


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