We’ve been pleasantly surprised at how many membership reservations we received after announcing the new track at Attesa. Phone calls have been placed to all who signed up, to introduce ourselves and provide answers to any questions. A majority wanted to know more about the same subjects. So, here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions and the answers as of today.

Q: When is the initiation fee due? And when do the monthly fees begin?

A: A $1000 deposit for the initiation fee will be due by August 21, 2021.  It will go into an escrow account until the track opens, when the full amount will be due. The deposit is fully refundable. Monthly fees will not begin until the track opens.

Q: Will the fees go up?

A: Yes.  Initiation fees will increase periodically, but monthly fees will not increase until we’ve begun adding the planned amenities, like a clubhouse, our members want. Unlike other clubs, we will only raise rates as new features are introduced, not before.

Q: Will there be any discounts for family members?

A: Yes. There will be a half-off discount package for spouses and/or under 21 family members; fees will be 50% of the primary member’s initiation fee with monthly dues 50% off as well. Guest privileges will be confirmed prior to our grand opening.

Q: What if the head of the family only has one car but multiple drivers?

A: If all of the other drivers are either a spouse, or child under 21, their rate will be 50% of the primary member’s initiation fee and 50% off the monthly fees.

Q: Will there be guest passes available?

A:  Yes, but very limited.  If a member wants to use their track days as a marketing asset to build relationships and grow their business, he or she should contact us about a corporate membership.

Q: Will there be RV parking with hookups and camping?

A: Yes. Both are in our master plan but patience, please; a hot track and garages are our first priority.  Trackside RV parking (dry camping) will come next, followed by the permanent Podium Club RV park with full hookups.

Q: Will garages be available?

A: Yes. Paddock garage space will be available for lease at $500 per month, per unit.  Members will have the option to lease multiple (two, three or four) unit garages depending upon availability.  We will also have build-to-suit options for race teams and/or corporate clients that fall outside our standard garage plans.

There will be a one-unit limit per membership until all members have either opted in or chosen to pass on a garage unit at sign-up. If a member opts out, he or she will be added to a wait list in case they change their mind.

Q: What about buying a garage at the Podium Club?

A: Members will also be able to purchase trackside houses like casitas, single-family homes and ‘Garage Mahals,’ including buildable lots for custom properties. Unlike other clubs that utilize long term leases because they cannot actually sell land due to their use of special use permits or water certificate challenges, the Podium Club is zoned residential to protect member investments and allow full time occupancy. On-site residential opportunities will be available 2022.

Q: How safe will the track be, for both cars and motorcycles?

A: The 2.25-mile north loop that will open Q4, as well as all future tracks, will be built to FIA and AMA/MotoAmerica specifications.  If national automobile and motorcycle racing bodies want to compete here, we will be eligible for ACCUS (Automobile Competition Committee for the United States) certification upon completion. Flush curbs, significant runoff areas, safety-first barriers, and other protection measures specific to motorcycle racing are included in the design.

Q: When I go to sign up I’m taken to a Track Rabbit page.  Why?

A: Track Rabbit is our online partner for payments, scheduling (when the track opens) and member profiles.  It’s safe, efficient and filled with features that will make your membership better.

Q: Will there be member racing?

A: Absolutely. And members will have a say in what is raced and the frequency of the races.

Q: Will there be a fully appointed clubhouse, like at a golf or tennis club?

A: Yes. We have the dedicated acreage for it but won’t begin construction until all race tracks have been completed.

Q: What will the hours be?

A: First answer: Standardized race track hours, or sunup to sundown. Second answer: We will also have evening and night sessions available during the summer months because we are zoned to operate 24/7/365.

Q: What services will be available to Podium Club members?

A: Fuel, tires, snacks, race gear, garages, driving instruction and restrooms when we open. Next will be RV parking, special event areas, a permanent clubhouse and more. Not only will we have all the basic, racing-related stores and services members should expect, but we also plan to have select local businesses that will be of value to members and guests.

Q: Are you looking for investors?

A: No, yes, maybe. As with any business we will always welcome partners who share our strategic vision and want to help us achieve our goals. We have various real estate opportunities but we’re only looking for ‘smart money’ from those with a fuller understanding of our market and unique business model, including information that most investors can’t access. Please contact us if you are interested.











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