Golfers join golf clubs.  Tennis players join tennis clubs.  Swimmers join swimming clubs.

No wonder driving clubs make so much sense.

There are two main reasons why automobile drivers and motorcycle riders join a private driving club:  To have fun and improve their game, i.e., piloting a high-performance car or bike at its limits.  And expanding your own skills and limits.

At the Podium Club at Attesa, about halfway between Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, you’ll do both.

Membership clubs usually cost a lot of money.  The Podium Club is different.

Drivers and motorcycle riders can only get better with practice, just like athletes who swing a club or racquet.  But the equipment investments aren’t in anywhere near the same ballpark.  Cars and bikes, especially the ones that go fast, are expensive.

We know that from personal experience.  So, our initiation, monthly and garage lease fees are affordable.  Especially considering what you get.

The Podium Club tracks will be the only road race circuits in the state designed and built to FIA 2 safety standards, starting with our initial 2.25-mile, 15-turn raceway.

You’ll have 200 days per year to work the pedals or twist the throttle, with session times and schedules created for your convenience.  We’re zoned for 24/7/365 operations and the property line sound limit is 120 dB so you can run what ya brung.

We are going to have paddock garages where you can store your vehicle(s), tools, tires, and parts — plus a mini-fridge, microwave, and your favorite racing posters to make it your own.

Our location is ideal.  We’re about halfway between Arizona’s two largest cities, a half mile south of Interstate 8 and 10 minutes from where I-8 ends at Interstate 10.  The Podium Club is five hours from San Diego or El Paso and six from L.A. or Las Vegas. The area receives less than 9” of rain per year, no snow, and zero threat from earthquakes, floods, forest fires or any other kind of natural disaster.

Plus, the Podium Club is phase 1 of the Attesa master-planned community including residential and industrial sectors, and entertainment and hospitality district, a private air strip and air park, RV resort and more. Bonus feature: The Podium Club at Attesa has zero water problems and permanent zoning. It will have real washrooms and showers, with homeowners able to legally reside in their trackside casitas and ‘Garage Mahals.’

And you’ll never have to worry about a special use permit being pulled, permanently ending the club’s right to operate.

If you’re a real performance enthusiast who wants to practice, get better and race affordably, in a safe, controlled environment, the Podium Club at Attesa is right for you.  Click here to join!


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The Podium Club at Attesa is where your favorite cars, bikes and skills come together to satisfy your need for speed. Please join us!


+ $12,000

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